The decisions that you make will determine your destiny!

More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.
—Anthony Robbins
People love to use excuses when it comes to explaining why they are overweight and out of shape: a slow metabolism, a messed up thyroid, a genetic predisposition, can’t afford a gym membership, don’t have day care, have to work, have to watch the kids, bad knee, asthma… the list is endless.  There is no excuse! No matter what your circumstances, there are ways to live a healthy life.  Remember who you are dealing with here!  I was raised in government housing on powdered milk, around lots of impoverished, single moms and battered children—I’ve seen and heard it all!  Yes, there are some stories that are more painful then others, but why make it a competition?  It’s time to take responsibility for your life, and use your experiences to make you smarter and stronger!
My clients who have accepted that they are responsible for their health have a much higher success rate. They recognize that if they had the power to become overweight and out of shape, then they also have the power to turn their lives around.  Those who have not accepted responsibility spend a lot of time making excuses and don’t believe in their own power to change.  They are so busy looking everywhere else for the answer that they fail to look in the mirror.
It’s time to face the truth: no one hid the ingredients list on a box of cookies from you. You chose not to read them.  No one barred you from the grocery store. You chose to eat out. No one forced that soda down your throat. You chose to drink it. And no one cut your legs off. You decided not to use them!
The purpose of getting you to accept responsibility for your state of health is to get you to understand that the same power you used to degrade your health is the same power you can use to improve your health.  The decisions that you make will determine your destiny!


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