Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt 6-Week Bootcamp Challenge with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins! Measurements! Let's Get Started!

Let’s Get Started! Measurements!
Take your measurements as soon as possible and we will all re-measure the body composition measurements every Friday to monitor your progress. It is important that you do not measure your success by just the scale but you also take body fat percentages, body circumferences/inches, fitness levels (cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility), health measurements (cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate) and before photos.
All of these Measurements will create Your Personal Fitness Profile!
Link to download “Your Personal Fitness Profile” Measurement Chart!
Your Personal Fitness Profile Master Sheet of Measurements
1) Before Photo
Take 4 head to toe before photos: one frontal, one back, one left side and one right side. Wear a sports bra and shorts or workout pants and photograph in the same outfit each week.
2) Body Measurements
Body Weight (Use the same scale every week and measure at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes or no clothes)
BMI Center for Disease Control’s BMI Calculator
Body Fat Percentage (Bathroom scale, handheld device or calipers but use the same every week)
Body Circumference Measurements
Take measurements in inches with a measuring tape.
Upper Arm (right under the armpit)
2. Left
Upper Thigh (right under the buttocks)
3. Right
4. Left
Mid Thigh (exact middle of thigh between hip to knee)
5. Right
7. Chest (at nipple line)
8. Neck (middle)
9. Hips (around the highest peak of the buttocks when standing with heels together)
10. Waist (at belly button)
11. Waist (at smallest point)
Total Body Measurements 1-11
3) Health Measurements
Resting Heart Rate
Make an appointment with your Doctor to measure Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels and re-measure at the end of the 6 week Bootcamp
Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Level
4) Fitness Levels
1. Cardiovascular Fitness Test –VO2Max– Rockport Fitness Walking Test
2. Muscular Endurance Test: Abdominals
3. Muscular Endurance Test: Lower Body /Squats
4. Muscular Strength Test: Abdominals
5. Muscular Strength Test: Upper Body/Push-ups
6. Flexibility Test
Fitness Test Instructions are all from Chapter 7 of my book “The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan”

We have listed several tests so you can measure your progress in many areas so you don’t get discouraged if your weight doesn’t instantly change. There are many factors that affect your body weight, like sodium intake which causes bloating, nutrition, hydration/dehydration, body fat percentage, allergies, weight training, menstrual cycle, complex carbohydrates, hormones, medication and much more. That is why it is important to also measure your fitness levels, health parameters & complete body composition because one week you may not lose numbers on the scale but you lose 2 inches around your waist, 1 inch off your thighs and increase your strength to 10 push-ups on your toes!

The success of your journey is much more than the numbers on the scale. It is important to track your body weight but it is not the only number we want to focus on. We want to make sure you are improving in all areas of health and fitness, complete mind, body & spirit!


Keep track of your numbers because Kelly & I will be asking for your final measurements and stories at the end of 6 weeks! We are putting together a Fabulous Grand Prize for the most inspiring 6week Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt Bootcamp Journey!


We are so exited to take this amazing Journey with YOU!

Let’s make 2014 Amazing!



Jeanette Jenkins

Team Hollywood Trainer


Kelly Rowland

Team Kelly Rowland

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