Week 5 Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt with Kelly Rowland Challenge & Queen Latifah Show’s Get Healthy Challenge!


Week 5 Workout Schedule, Fitness/Nutrition Tips & Motivation!




Only two weeks left of the challenge and this week let’s focus on consistency. When you are committed and consistent then you will achieve your goals.

After the challenge is over it’s important to accept that healthy living is a way of life. You have to take the time to grocery shop, prepare healthy meals and snacks and workout consistently.

Exercise is free and it decreases your risk of every illness and helps you feel great inside and out! If companies could bottle up and sell the benefits of exercise to you in a magic pill they would. All you have to do is get your body moving and do it on a regular basis! There are so many options from walking, running, cycling, hiking, dance classes, yoga, home workouts like my Cardio Kickboxing or Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt with Kelly Rowland. The options are endless you just have to find what you love and get moving!

This week I want you to do your very best at being consistent with all of your workouts and make it a priority in your life because you deserve to be healthy!

We want to know what your favorite workout is so tweet, facebook and instagram us @KellyRowland, @JeanetteJenkins, @IamQueenLatifah, @QLShow we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Cardio & Core

3 mile Walk, Jog, Run with 4 – 60sec Sprints & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland DVD Love Handles, 6 Pack & Sculpt Chapters.

Today we increased the intensity of your walk/jog/run by adding one more 60sec sprint interval! You can do it!

Nutrition Tip: Make sure you keep your snacks under 200calories, it’s all about portion control so you don’t over eat. Remember it is just a snack, you can eat again in 1-2 hours.



Resistance & Cardio

SexyAbsCardioSculpt with Kelly Rowland DVD & Jeanette Jenkins or your favorite Interval workout!

Nutrition Tip: When you over eat you stretch your stomach which is made of smooth muscle and this causes you to increase your appetite. Eat until you are satisfied and stop before you are full. You can eat again in 2 hours.



Cardio & Core

Cardio KickboxingDVD Chapters 1-4 (40min) & SexyAbs with Kelly Rowland Tone, Define & Burn Chapters (12min)

Today is Smoothie Wednesday! Putting fruits & vegetables into a fresh smoothie or juice is a convenient way to get a boost of nutrients into the body. Tweet, Instagram or Facebook us your amazing Smoothie Creations! Tag #SexyAbsCardioSculpt and #QLChallenge



Total Body Resistance Interval Training

Bikini Bootcamp DVD or your favorite interval training workout that combines cardio and resistance (strength) training.


Confidence looks Sexy on everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 16 it’s always mandatory to love your body. Let us know your favorite body part, Tweet Facebook, or Instagram us and Tag #SexyAbsCardioSculpt #QLChallenge



Flexibility Training

Power Yoga DVD or Stretch-It-Out DVD or your favorite Yoga Class.

Improving the flexibility of your hips and hamstrings can reduce your risk of lower back pain.

Crescent Pose from Yoga is a great hip opener, give it a try!

Meditation Tip: Close your eyes and take 5 deep inhales and exhales. Feel the calmness that comes over your body. Recognize that you own your peace and you can access it at any time. It starts by putting your focus on your breath.



Feed Your Soul!

Do the workout that is going to make you feel GREAT!

Happiness Tip: Protect your heart, mind and spirit. Everyone and everything does not deserve a front row seat into your life. It is okay to set boundaries.



Rest, Relax & Recover!

Do something that helps you relax and rejuvenate for the week ahead!

It’s time to plan your workouts & healthy meals for the week ahead! Failing to plan is planning to fail. One week left! You can do it!

Tweet @KellyRowland, @IamQueenLatifah & @JeanetteJenkins and let us know what you did to rejuvenate today!

Love your support team,


Jeanette Jenkins

Team Hollywood Trainer


Kelly Rowland

Team Kelly Rowland


Queen Latifah

Team Queen Latifah


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