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Congratulations you’re halfway through our 10 Day AB BLAST challenge! If you’re new to the challenge it’s never too late to join us. Just login to The Hollywood Trainer Club and click on “Exercise” then “Virtual Gym” then “10 Day AB Blast” from the menu and PRESS PLAY on Day1!  Day 6 to Day 10 we’re boosting your metabolic rate, increasing your calorie […]


Let’s go! Today is the first day of our 10 DAY AB BLAST challenge! Everything you need is in The Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com! Join us, it’s time to blast the belly fat! Print out the 10 Day Workout Calendar. All of these workouts are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. Just click Exercises and then Virtual Gym. Once […]


BLAST THE BELLY FAT! Yes, you do have to eat healthy to burn the fat off of your belly. You must have more calories going out and fewer calories coming in. Yes calories do count! So often we know details of our favorite designer, celebrity, sporting team, song or book but we have no idea what […]


GREENS, GREENS GREENS: It’s time for another challenge and this time we are focusing on what you are putting inside of your body. Grab a friend and join our 7 DAY GREENS CHALLENGE. The challenge is easy, we want you to have 3 servings of green vegetables a day. Your body will love your for […]

12 Day Body Blast

Grab a friend and take your body to the next level with our 12 Day Body Blast starting Monday August 10th! Print out our 12 Day workout calendar and meal options below. Choose the items you want for breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner and prepare your shopping list so you can pick up your groceries […]

Summer Shape Up Tips

  1) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. If you weigh 150lbs drink 75 ounces of water which is only 4-5 small 16oz bottles. You must hydrate because cellulite is dehydrated fat tissue (adipose tissue). 2) Replace your table salt with Himalayan Salt because Himalayan salt is packed with essential minerals […]

Motivation for Healthy Living

It’s time to work on that booty! Here are five of Jeanette’s favorite exercises to tone and lift your booty just in time for bikini season. All you need is some space and set of 5 to 10 pound dumbbells. Beautiful Booty Circuit: 1) 25 Squats followed by 15 Jump Squats 2) 25 Shoulder Bridge Pulses followed by 15 Single Leg Shoulder Bridge […]

Jeanette Jenkins & Kelly Rowland 2015 GET YOUR BODY BACK CHALLENGE!!

It’s finally here!! The 6Week Get Your Body Back Challenge with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins!! The challenge begins this Monday January 12th!!!!! We are bringing you 6 weeks of workouts, motivation, nutrition and healthy living tips to help you reach your 2015 health & fitness goals! It’s a new year! A fresh start! A great […]

Week 6 Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt with Kelly Rowland Challenge & Queen Latifah Show’s Get Healthy Challenge

We made it!  The final week of the 6week Challenge!   All 6 weeks of the challenge will be accessible on The Hollywood Trainer Blog so you can always start the challenge at any time! The “SexyABsCardioSculpt 5Pack” are the workouts we used for the challenge and they will also be 50% off for all […]

Week 5 Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt with Kelly Rowland Challenge & Queen Latifah Show’s Get Healthy Challenge!

  Week 5 Workout Schedule, Fitness/Nutrition Tips & Motivation!     Only two weeks left of the challenge and this week let’s focus on consistency. When you are committed and consistent then you will achieve your goals. After the challenge is over it’s important to accept that healthy living is a way of life. You […]

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